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Drafting & Architecture Outsourcing Market
Globalization and the diffusion of digital technologies have transformed the design professions and the organizations utilizing these core functions. The majority of design firms today employ computer-aided drafting/design (CAD), and files are transmitted electronically. Design companies are thus in a position to leverage human capital wherever talent is available and production advantages are to be gained.
According to a survey conducted by the Boston Society of Architects, 20 percent of architect respondents used offshore services, while 50 percent were considering using these services (Drawing on Offshoring, Boston Business Journal). CAD and design services were second only to product development as the most outsourced service in the engineering sector.

The following case study illustrates how architecture and drafting outsourcing can improve processes and create a better quality product through advanced techniques and the domain expertise of a service provider:

A major home builder in the United States partnered with a specialized drafting and architecture company to develop highly-accurate construction documentation sets and easily editable documents and deliver building projects with a quick turnaround time and within budget. The provider started by defining responsibilities and setting up work-sharing processes.

The outsourced specialists then developed construction documentation sets and employed experienced Building Information Modeling (BIM) consultants for quality control. The consultants identified potential conflicts and issues during the course of the project. The outsourced provider delivered about 90 projects within 9 months, helping the client realize dramatic cost and time savings as well as a quality advantage over competitors.

Why Outsource Drafting and Architecture
Offshoring today is still a cost-saving measure, but it’s also a strategic decision for many businesses. Any process that takes focus away from revenue generation and making customers happy can be outsourced. Few companies can claim drafting and architecture as core competencies, and many do not have the budget or resources to build, support and oversee a dedicated, in-house team of drafting experts, systems administrators, and programmers.

It’s true that drafting and architecture can be done locally, but companies operating this way say that it takes a heavy investment of time and oversight on a daily basis. Babysitting drafting and architecture processes can be very expensive and may lead to poor productivity and missed deadlines. To be truly efficient, the drafting and architecture environment must be up-to-date and meet client standards. Third party providers have the technology, infrastructure, skills, and experience to deliver high-quality work.

Offshore Architecture and Drafting Benefits
Outsourcing architecture and drafting functions is not for every business. Like all offshoring initiatives, it’s important to examine all options and weigh all risks and benefits. Firms that have chosen the offshoring route enjoy many benefits:

Reduced costs. When a company decides to offshore drafting and architecture services, it passes on recruitment, support, overhead, and maintenance costs to the third party. The company pays only for the services it needs.

Get domain expertise without the work. The job of third party providers is to hire the best drafting and architecture professionals, acquire and maintain the latest technology, and ensure that infrastructure is up to par with current standards. When a business decides to offshore these services, it gains access to these benefits without the legwork and costs associated with recruitment, upkeep, and maintenance.

Hire the best. It’s difficult to hire the best professionals if there are budget limitations. It’s in the best interest of offshore service companies to find and retain top talent, so businesses that outsource can be sure that they are working only with talented people.

One-stop shop services. Building an in-house drafting and architecture department may involve dealing with multiple companies to get the right mix of services. Offshore providers take care of that. Many third parties offer comprehensive CAD and architecture bundles.

Remain competitive. Small businesses used to get the short end of the stick because of limited resources. Now, even the smallest company can compete with the biggest players in the industry by outsourcing drafting and architecture services.

Outsourced Drafting and Architecture Services in the Philippines
By partnering with providers in the Philippines, businesses can access the expertise of well-educated and experienced architects and CAD designers at a fraction of the cost that they would pay if they decide to hire a local or near-shore consultant.

Philippine business process outsourcing providers like womentech can make drafting and architecture outsourcing easy with customized, scalable solutions that solve actual problems. Businesses can choose to partner with one professional or build a team of experts. They get high-quality staff quickly while lowering operating costs, increasing efficiency, and improving their bottom line.

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