Medical Billing

Medical billing is a crucial component of the healthcare revenue cycle. Medical billers are responsible for submitting and following claims to ensure that healthcare providers receive payment for the services they have performed. Everyday duties of medical billers vary with the type and size of facility; but billers typically collect all billing-related information, including charge entry, posted payment and patient and insurance follow-up data. Billers know how to read medical records and understand different medical codes. Medical billers also communicate regularly with healthcare professionals to obtain required information.
The medical billing process can take from several days or months to complete, as it requires multiple interactions among the biller, healthcare provider, and insurance company. Another challenge is the complexity of medical billing regulations, which often change. Keeping medical billing specialists up to date with these constant changes can divert your company’s focus from core and strategic activities.

Skilled medical billers are in high demand because they can shorten resolution times and optimize revenue flow for healthcare providers by reducing the number of denied claims. Many healthcare organizations are choosing to outsource medical billing to third party specialists to access skilled talent and better cope with paperwork demands, especially as the practice grows. Healthcare practitioners can often achieve significant cost savings and bottom line improvement by outsourcing medical billing services to an experienced third party.

Sourcefit Medical Billing Solutions
Medical billing staffing solutions provider Sourcefit helps global healthcare organizations and local medical billing organizations in their efforts to improve process efficiency and ensure optimal revenue flow by providing the services of highly skilled medical billers based in the Philippines. Our expertise in healthcare staffing spans many years, and companies rely on our low-cost, exceptional medical billing staff to improve not only cash flow and reimbursements, but also service quality and customer satisfaction.

Our medical billers are certified and have in-depth understanding of electronic medical records and medical billing codes to help them prepare accurate bills. They answer questions from patients and insurance companies, identify and address billing complaints, maintain strict confidentiality, adhere to all HIPAA guidelines and regulations, and complete the billing process in a way that reduces denials.

At Sourcefit, we focus on proper processing of provider claims to maximize insurance payments. Our domain expertise encompasses denial management and resolutions, A/R recovery, and end-to-end revenue cycle management. Sourcefit medical billing services include electronic and paper claims submission, tracking and follow-up, claims review and scrubbing, denials and appeals, payment posting, refiling and secondary filing, unpaid claims processing, call center services and revenue cycle management.

Sourcefit people can fill the following medical billing roles and more:
Entry-Level Patient Biller/Coder

Medical Billing Specialist

Senior Medical Billing Specialist

Coding Quality Reviewer

Medical Records Technician

Health Information Biller and Coder

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing to the Philippines
Lower costs. Our offshore staffing solutions reduce your total operational costs significantly through the provision of low-cost, high-quality medical billers. We also help improve cash flow by improving payment per procedure and cost to collect.

Access to top staff. Sourcefit medical billers are certified and experienced, allowing them to exceed expectations in the roles they perform. The high quality of service delivered by our medical billers make them a seamless extension of your in-house healthcare staff.

Flexible medical billing solutions. Sourcefit solutions are completely flexible and tailored to your unique business needs. Flexibility allows our clients to scale up or down easily in response to changing business demands.

Reduce denials. The ICD-10 implementation will increase the number of billing codes to almost 70,000, leading to possible reduced cycle time and increased payer denials. Our certified medical billing specialists approach the billing process with the goal of reducing claims denials and enhancing service quality. We can submit your claims faster and with fewer errors, so you can receive payment in the shortest amount of time.

Features & Benefits

  • Lower Costs
  • Shorter Resolution Times
  • Domain Expertise
  • Skilled, Highly Motivated Offshore Talent
  • Time-Zone Coverage
  • Reduced Paperwork
  • Improved Process Efficiency
  • Improved Service Quality
  • Reduced Denials
  • Improved Focus
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Project-Based or Staff Leasing


Entry Level
$980.00 / month
(Staff Leasing)
Mid Level
$1,200.00 / month
(Staff Leasing)
Expert Level
$1,500.00 / month
(Staff Leasing)