Self Assessment

Please use our Outsourcing Self-Assessment tool to help you gauge certain factors about your business that we have found to be important in realizing a successful long-term outsourcing strategy. It may also serve as starting point for our consultation with you about working together to build your outsourced team.

The self-assessment is a simple exercise that covers some of the major factors to consider when making the decision to outsource and when creating an initial outsourcing plan such as:

Clarifying the factors leading to the decision to outsource.

  1. Setting outsourcing goals.
  2. Assessing local staff readiness to accommodate outsourcing.
  3. Assessing current processes for outsourcing optimization.
  4. Managing processes to ensure success.
  5. Getting remote staff up to speed.
  6. Building long-term process equity.
  7. Defining management roles and the relationship with your outsourcing provider.

Assessment Form

  1. My decision to outsource was primarily driven by (mark all that apply):
  2. Strategic Opportunity
    Reduce Costs
    Domain Expertise
    Staff Availability
    Staff Attitude


  3. My goal for my outsourced team is (mark all that apply):
  4. To supplement my onshore staff
    To help me expand our business
    To add a new service or product to our existing business
    To handle one specific element of our business
    To keep costs low in one or more processes so we can remain competitive
    To replace high-cost local staff

  5. My local staff are:
  6. Completely on board
    Coming around
    Have no idea

  7. My current processes are (mark all that apply):
  8. Already adapted for and in use by remote staff
    Well documented with training materials prepared
    Only handled locally with little documentation or training
    This is a new process
    The outsourced positions are new

  9. I’m able to set expectations and gauge the performance of my staff by:
  10. A comprehensive set of KPI’s
    I closely manage them myself
    Analyzing their work product
    Customer feedback
    My local staff feedback

  11. With regard to training:
  12. We have a training system/materials already prepared
    No special training is required
    We would like our outsourcing partner to help us with training set up

  13. We view our offshore staff as:
  14. Somewhat replaceable – keeping costs low is key
    Long-term staff to be retained through various employee development and incentive programs

  15. I want our outsourcing partner to (mark all that apply):
  16. Manage and handle all aspects of our process
    Handle HR, IT and Recruiting while we manage daily work
    Handle HR, IT and Recruiting and help us manage daily work
    Help us set up our process, create KPI’s, and implement management structure
    Offer domain-specific consulting and guidance

Please leave your information below and we will get back to you soon to discuss the assessment results.