Womentech Community Service

Sustainability and Community
In many parts of the developing world, the demand for skilled labor outstrips supply amidst a glut of untapped human capital. This current landscape makes it more important than ever to unlock human potential in a sustainable manner. For companies operating in these regions, this means not only undertaking training and development of their own employees, but also supporting health, welfare and education in their local communities.
A key approach is to drive business growth while empowering staff to become productive members of society and sustainability advocates in their turn. At Sourcefit, sustainability is at the core of our business strategy. Our commitment is structured around employee development initiatives and outreach programs focused on Greater Manila.

Staffing as an Engine of Sustainability
As a staffing company, Sourcefit is ideally placed to help support skills development in the local workforce and fuel sustainable local economic development. An important component of that strategy is setting an example for inclusion and diversity within our own company. We are proactive in the hiring of minorities, women (especially working mothers), older workers, people with disabilities and other under-leveraged segments of the population. And we have found that our clients are enthusiastic in supporting these initiatives. We feel that the bonds created in working toward such common objectives have reinforced business ties and have also supported the cycle of business growth and sustainability.

While the Philippines has a strong educational system, advanced training and career development opportunities are sometimes lacking or cost prohibitive. This has a range of effects including talent under-utilization and ‘brain drain’ as the most promising workers move abroad to take advantage compelling career opportunities with more possibility for advancement. This in turn leads to unbalanced, bottom-heavy economic development. Thus, Sourcefit is committed to offering its employees sponsored educational opportunities so that there is no ceiling on their development within the company. These high-level professionals can then become valuable resources for their communities both within their own fields as educators and also within the larger community as role models and drivers of economic development.

Community Outreach
Just as we nurture and are in turn nurtured by our employees, we feel a keen responsibility to engage deeply with the greater community that surrounds us. Not only does our staff arise from this community but the community also provides for their daily wellbeing. Our company could not survive without a healthy environment to support it and it would be shortsighted of us not to actively tend to it.

Our primary outreach program, Fit Kids Philippines, aims to provide an ongoing resource for the health and development of kids in our area. Together with the Department of Health and other generous sponsors, we go to areas of need to provide kids with medicines and health services as well as educational support in the form of school materials and guidance. Our events aim to be fun for kids with themes related to sports and fitness, often featuring professional sports figures. We also offer sports clinics and organize leagues to encourage sustained participation in our programs.

Sourcefit has been strongly committed to eco-sustainability since the company’s founding. Every aspect of our business is integrated with responsible management. Our relatively small environmental impact comes from the energy and resources we use to run our business. To improve eco-sustainability, we have taken steps to reduce energy, water and paper consumption in our offices. For example, we use double-sided printing, paperless transaction systems and energy-efficient office equipment. We carry out responsible disposal of electronic and potentially hazardous materials and recycle or re-use electronic waste. We also leverage technology and implement initiatives to minimize our carbon footprint, constantly promoting environmental awareness among our employees, in our industry partnerships and with local communities.