Delivery Model Comparison

Sourcefit’s fundamental mission is to help you build enduring value for your business. Even within our simplest, single-employee outsourcing arrangements there is already significant value being built for your company as you reduce costs and introduce more efficient processes, making you more competitive and positioning you for success over the long term.

But depending on the size of your operation and your goals, we are able to offer a variety of operational models to help you get the most out of your outsourcing initiative:

  1. Project-Based or Output-Based Work
  2. Staff Leasing
  3. Captive Services
  4. Transitional Managed Services
Staff Leasing Fast None Low Low Staff leasing offers a quick, efficient, low-cost option to set up your team in the Philippines. You will control your team but Sourcefit will take care of all of HR Management and Infrastructure support so you can focus on the work.
Project & Output Based Immediate None Low-to-Medium Low For projects with a set scope or duration or where revenue is linked to output.
Virtual Captive (Incubation) Fast None Low Low For those considering their own Philippine entity for corporate or regulatory reasons; but who would like to mitigate risk and speed time to market.
Managed Entity Slower Significant Low Slightly higher because of increased up-front costs For companies that are sure they need their own Philippine entity but would like the assistance of an experienced partner in the Philippines that can help ensure their success.