Staff Leasing

Description: This is our most common form of offshore resource building. Under this structure, we discuss your business goals and together come up with a specific recruiting profile for the staff you want to hire. We then recruit and pre-screen candidates and present them to you for final interviews. Through all of the above there is no obligation on your part until you have found the perfect candidates for your team. After you have selected your staff, we sign an agreement and then bring the staff aboard. We handle all of their HR, office and infrastructure needs, while you manage their workflow. We also offer varying degrees of project management depending on your needs. Our goal is to enable them to function just as seamlessly as local employees in your own office.
Pricing is calculated using a simple formula that includes the employee’s raw salary plus taxes, benefits, infrastructure and a management fee. Billing is transparent and easy to understand.

Offshore staff leasing is a powerful outsourcing option because it provides a simple template for integrating an offshore team into your existing business without the need to give up much management control. Staff leasing can be used to build teams from one person to several hundred.

Indicators: Ideal for ongoing projects or permanent staff where there is a need for optimal cost reduction or access to a supplemental pool of talent.

Advantages: Easy to set up with no risk or up-front costs. Predictable, low-cost structure. Staff management by Sourcefit allows for focus on core business.

Examples: Virtually any type of office-based process can be outsourced with staff in the Philippines, from customer service and lead generation; to all forms of design and creative services; to online marketing, data processing, IT support, application development, medical billing, legal support and many more. Please view our specializations on the home page.

Getting Started: Provide a detailed description of the type of staff you would like to hire and your goals for integrating them with your existing processes and we will work with you to create an outsourcing plan that will ensure your success. There are no set-up fees or start-up costs and no long-term commitments so getting started is risk free.