Customer Service

In virtually every industry, companies face fierce competition and extreme pressure to maximize their resources. Managers and entrepreneurs must make decisions quickly and are given precious little room for error. Companies relying on teleservices to support their customers must find solutions that offer a superior customer support experience while at the same time providing cost efficiency, operational flexibility and strategic compatibility. At Sourcefit, we have created a state-of-the art call center in Manila to answer all of these challenges.
We designed and built our operation from the ground up to meet the varied and challenging teleservices needs of small and medium sized businesses. We are flexible, focused, cost-effective and service oriented. At the core of our vision are comprehensive metrics of excellence that infuse our DNA and provide a clear benchmark for each employee and for the organization as a whole. Through remote staff customer service outsourcing with us, we will help you create a team that will provide world class service and performance, whether you require one virtual help desk agent or a full team.

Our domain expertise in offshore customer service extends to every aspect of our operation, from recruiting the best customer service Philippine staff; to implementing the best technologies and providing the most effective management and oversight for your support staff. We will work closely with you to develop a solution that fits your business perfectly, beginning with strategic planning of your operation, through seamless integration with your local team, to operation and expansion. And by truly understanding your business we will create a team that will be dedicated to your success and will reflect positively on your products and brand.

Please give us a call today to find out more about how we can help you maximize your resources and improve your results.

Features & Benefits

  • Technology: Redundancy, Reliability, Results
  • Hiring: Hiring for Attitude, Training for Technology
  • Efficiency/Productivity: Customized Metrics
  • Accountability: Close Monitoring, Careful Management
  • Customer Experience: Planning and Implementation
  • Employee Satisfaction: Focus on Retention
  • Quality Assurance: Constant Monitoring and Improvement
  • Client Integration: Applying Core Metrics to Client Vision
  • Flexibility: From One Agent to 100
  • No Capital Investment Required
  • Speed to Market
  • Easily Cover 24-7
  • Focus on Core Business
  • Access to Best Practices


Entry Level
$980.00 / month
(Staff Leasing)
$8.00 / hour
(Small Projects)
Mid Level
$1,200.00 / month
(Staff Leasing)
$9.00 / hour
(Small Projects)
Expert Level
$1,500.00 / month
(Staff Leasing)
$12.00 / hour
(Small Projects)